sulfur facial cleanser

sulfur facial cleanser


This sulfur facial cleansing bar is made with pure sulfur powder, kaolin clay and rosemary essential oil. All of these ingredients are carefully chosen for extra oily skin types and also to aid skin ailments such as acne, rosacea and eczema.





Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral found in hot springs, clay and volcanic ash. It is an essential component for plant growth and literally for all living cells. We can even find it throughout our body in amino acids, vitamins, and our skin and hair. It's known for its yellow color and its strong smell (which you may already know).


Sulfur dries out blemishes and absorbs excess oil, promotes exfoliation, and has tons of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in all and delicate skin types. It’s great for cleansing blackheads, whiteheads and other mild forms of acne. 



Kaolin clay is known for detoxing and clearing pores, soothing skin, fighting acne, and exfoliating and toning skin. It’s a very gentle clay that is proven to be a great facial cleanser. It removes impurities from your pores and leaves a wonderful, soft feeling on the skin!



Rosemary oil is well known for it’s astringent properties that balance and tone the skin. It’s antimicrobial properties help control oily skin types and aid in preventing future breakouts. It also increases circulation and stimulates oxygenation of the skin. 


    coconut oil, olive oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide*, sulfur powder, kaolin clay, rosemary essential oils

    *when soap is made using natural methods, sodium hydroxide is required to solidify the oils into bar form. there is no other way of achieving a solid bar soap. however, the sodium hydroxide undergoes a reaction with the oils and is no longer present at the end of the process.

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    Zero waste, plant based and all-natural handmade Hawaiian soap, made on Kaua’i with aloha!


    All natural coconut and olive infused with oil-absorbing properties of sulfur powder and kaolin clay, and scented with rosemary essential oils

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