pa'akai salt soap

pa'akai salt soap


Artisan soap bar made with Hawaiian sea salt (pa’akai) and scented with eucalyptus, rosemary + lavender essential oils

A wonderful exfoliating bar that’s amazing for all and especially troubled skin types. Salt soaps are filled with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sulfur. These minerals are great for healing acne, reducing inflammation and exfoliating dead skin


Zero waste, plant based and all-natural handmade Hawaiian soap, made on Kaua’i with aloha!

All natural coconut oil and olive oil base,  infused with lavender and rosemary essential oils.


    coconut oil, olive oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide*, sea salt, essential oils, and plant ingredients


    *when soap is made using natural methods, sodium hydroxide is required to solidify the oils into bar form. there is no other way of achieving a solid bar soap. however, the sodium hydroxide undergoes a reaction with the oils and is no longer present at the end of the process.

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