MAUKA soap set

MAUKA soap set


Mauka inspired soap set


-Camo Hunting (unscented)

-Collie Herbs (lemongrass + eucalyptus)

-Pouli (black pepper + sandalwood)

-'Iliahi Sandalwood (+ vetiver)

  • camo hunting



    Colored with natural plant powders. Kaua'i spinach for greens, activated charcoal for black, alkanet root for brown, and cinnamon for light brown.

  • collie herbs

    Artisan herbal soap bar made with Kaua’i spinach powder and alkanet root powder, and scented with a soft blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary and mint!

  • pouli

    Inspired by the darkness of night

    This soap is made with choke activated bamboo charcoal, so that’s nice and detoxifying. It’s scented with a blend of black pepper essential oil, sandalwood, vétiver and rosemary. It’s a little spicy from the black pepper, but all the other oils balance it out for a smooth, earthy scent with a little kick

  • 'iliahi sandalwood

    All natural sandalwood oil infused soap bar with a touch of activated charcoal, lightly scented with vanilla and vetiver.

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