About Us


Kealia Organics is a Hawaiian soap and bodycare company located on the island of Kaua'i offering all-natural products infused with local farm fresh ingredients.

We feature artisan shampoo bars, conditioner bars, lotion bars, soap bars and more!

Kealia Organics is a zero waste company; all of our products come in raw bar form or packaged sustainably. All wrapped packaging is plant-based and compostable and all shipping items are made with recycled paper and compostable materials. 

We strive to combat plastic pollution within our islands and around the world by offering zero waste and eco-friendly products and by raising awareness of plastic pollution.

Our products are our way of sharing the aloha of Kaua'i with the world. Mahalo for supporting local small businesses and artisans with Kealia Organics!

Me ke aloha loa

Zero Waste

No plastic, no problems.

We took a zero waste vow. A vow of aloha 'aina, to love and protect our land. This is why we create zero waste products, to preserve our land by eliminating plastic waste in our daily routines.

All our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable. All of our shipping materials are made of paper, and are recyclable as well! We strive to reduce plastic waste within our islands as well as around the world. Our products are a vow to our earth, to protect it, to raise awareness, and to provide people with natural zero waste alternatives!

All - natural

No chemicals. No synthetic ingredients

We take pride in knowing that all our ingredients are sustainably sourced and all-natural. Main ingredients such as oils are organic and cold-pressed. Our butters such as shea and cocoa are organic and sustainably sourced. All our beeswax, honey and plant powders are locally sourced through farmers and families. And lastly, we always use 100% pure essential oils. With us, you can trust that what is going into your products and onto your skin comes straight from nature!

support local

We're slowly closing the gap.

Kealia Organics sources as many services locally with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. From ingredients to designs and packaging and more, we try as hard as possible to support local in order to close the gap and to encourage others to do the same! Working with local farmers and artisans will lead us to a more self-sustainable future, and we want to be able to empower that as much as possible. Know that with every purchase you are supporting a long list of artisans, entrepreneurs and farmers! Mahalo for your support!